Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sharing some fun activities to do alone

When hear a words "alone" there's alot of assumption right? Negative and positive all in it.

Being alone what i mean is spend time to urself. Find our good and bad. Challenges ourself. Delete all the fears. Make something happy. And i found that some interesting activities to do alone. Here we go
  1. Go to the matinee of a sad or embarrassingly bad movie. Feel no shame as you cry or swoon alone in the corner. Who cares? No one is there to see you.
  2. Travel somewhere new. When you travel with other people, you always end up making compromises on what sights to see, where to eat, and what activities to do. Traveling alone — even if it's just to the next town over — gives you the luxury of going at your own pace so that you're able to soak up everything about the trip that you want to.
  3. Tour a museum. Let's face it, a lot of your museum experiences probably involve a teacher, a tour guide, and a pack of rowdy kids. Set out to see every piece of art or history a local museum has, and spend time interpreting them exactly how you want to — not how the little paper pamphlet tells you to.
  4. Have a spa day, or get a massage. It's probably best for you to take on the steam room solo, anyway.
  5. Go to a bookstore and get lost. Spend hours exploring every genre of book known to the world. Better still, snag one off the shelf and plop down in a comfy chair. Close down the store trying to finish that book (hey, you'll save some cash), and leave only when the employees start giving you the side-eye.
  6. Go to a free concert. Find a band that you like playing in your area, or seek out someone new with a sound you like. You never know — they may be the next big thing, and you found them first. When you go to a concert alone, you spend more time listening to the music and less time worrying about everything else going on around you.
  7. Sing karaoke. Be bold! Pick a spot you never go to (that way you won't miss it if you can't show your face there again), and sing your heart out to a bunch of strangers. If you can do this, you can do pretty much anything.
  8. People watch. Go to a public place, like a park or the mall, sit back, and enjoy the show. People watching is always interesting, often hilarious, sometimes sweet, and every once in a while, it can even make you give some of the stuff you do a second thought, too.
  9. Indulge in some selfies. OK, as a general rule selfies should probably be taken sparingly, but every once in a while, it's healthy to get dressed in an outfit you love and shamelessly take photos of yourself that you actually like. Let yourself keep clicking until you get it right. No one is there to judge you, except maybe your dog.
  10. Go shopping. Sometimes when you're on a shopping mission, having other people with you can slow you down or make you feel rushed. It's the worst when you're trying to be thorough to find the best deal or the perfect pair of jeans, while the person you're with is tapping their foot by the door.
  11. Take a hike. Spend some time with mother nature and see how the two of you get along when no one else is around. Stop and smell the roses, watch the sun set, embrace the quiet.
  12. Challenge your mind.Complete a crossword, sudoku, or, if you're feeling ambitious, a Rubik's Cube. If you finish them all by yourself, you get total bragging rights instead of having to share them with a partner.
  13. Try a new workout. Sometimes certain workouts (read: Zumba, Booty Barre, anything dance-related) can be a little bit embarrassing to learn in front of other people. Master one of these fitness skills alone, or at least work on them enough so that when you're in a class or doing it in front of your significant other, you look like you know what you're doing . . . sort of.
  14. Take the longest, hottest bath of your life. Turn on some soothing music and enjoy a long soak with no fear of unwelcome interruptions.
There r what i most love do when alone. So how abt u guys trying too!😊

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"Don't care what people thinks about ourselves"

Hyee!!! Long time no seee blog! Missyou hahaha. Macam hidup benda ni plak kan? 😂

Hello i'm just want to narrate what i have been through life in university. So far Alhamdulillah. I love being here but sometimes i have too handle all by myself. Then i will feel stressed huhu. So i'm trying to explorers neww style of life which is always think positive! Positive all the way. Even people talk about me. I'm gonna don't care about it. Bcause it's just like rubbish that tak sempat nak disapu 😂 Opsss sorry 🙊 Hahaha. Haaa here i want to tell that my roommate mimie and fiqah. I love both of them. Seriously. I love how the way they thinkings but sometimes we also ghave misunderstanding but Alhamdulillah. We understand each other behaviours 💁🏼 hahahha. So Alhamdulillah we still together. Yg mimie ni suka sport. No wonder if she act like a little boyish. But now in sem2 she is a little bit differences maybe she want act as a girl. But i'm okay. I wishh all the best for her. And fiqah. Haaa she older than us 1year so we respect more on her. But we all just anggap sama je. Because taknak bagi ada jurang between each other. That's why i love them 😭😭😭😭 and most of our interested are same!!! From how we wear, foods(certain), music, hobby(a little same but still same! Hehe), and banyak lagiii. Fiqah ni suka hiking, suka travel. What i respect about her that their independent. I love her bcause dia xpernah susah and xsuka susahkan orang. Both of them looka alike. Which is based on this words "if we want. We want badly and trying to get it" that's why i found 3of us same. But maybe just me spot this similarities. Huhu. I love them. I always ikut diorang kalau they invited me to go somewhere.

What i appreciate the most. I have learn how to live. Ya Allah. How to survive. I will more brave. No time to think what others think about me. It's their problem not my problem. I'm just have to build more confident how to communicate with others. How to survive how to get what i want! Travel alone. Get more experiences. Be positive. If people make messy with me. I have to avoided from them. Bukan lari dari masalah but trying to stay away from negative people. Always see the beauty in people. Don't try too look on people's weakness. I tell DON'T. But also have to know about ourself too 😘 Don't about others too much. Please. So amalkan sikap pergi mampus. Go die. It's the happier things we should know. So what we want. Don't about people talk, negative thought. Let them be until they are dying with their own behaviours. So enjoy our life !

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Degree life

Hello guys! 
I'm forgot to tell that i have continue my study in unimap. Bachelor of computer engineering. Alhamdulillah. I have been here  3months. Wow. It's mean time goes fast right? Fuh. And the scary things. I have to face final exam. Around 3weeks left. 😔 too scared because i have been so lazy. Idk why. And i want to tell that university life and matric life are so differents. I have to do all things by myself here. And Alhamdulillah that i have got the best roommate for ever ❤️ 
And the subject for this semester was 6subject: computer programming, math engineering, electric circuit, basic electronic, skill & tech and ko k. hmm wish me goodluck... 

My classmate was okay lah even sometime krikkrik hahahha. Hmm about study im feel down a little bit 😭😭😭😭 im just wanna cry. When i want to study alone and read the books im not understand. I want to be a genius 😭😭😭😭 because what i saw genius people only read one times and they can understand. Hmm. Why could this happen to me. Final exam only left a few days. Hmm too scared. What should i do. I should research somethings positive about life. Fuh. Mental breakdown -___- 

Bye peeps.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Skin care

Assalamualaikum and good morninggg peeps
sorry gambar tiada kaitan dgn title .pemandangan di padang golf kmm *rindu

haaa tadi bangun sahur tak?  ke bangun dalam mimpi hahahha, harap2 bangun lah ye. okayy

this time i want to share some of my experiences about skin care. As we all know that,

everyone want to be beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and whatever lahh. And that's why many skincare

had release to us for buying it BUT guys, you have to be careful w/ some of skincare. First of all i'm

not blame anyone okay? i'm just want to share some of experiences. Before this, i have use **

skincare. Actually, aku tak ada masalah dengan kulit muka yang teruk. Jerawat ade lah naik satu dua

if period datang, normal lah kan as a lady? Disebabkan aku obses nak jadi cantik macam iklan2 tu

hhahaha so aku ambil keputusan pakai ** skincare sebab nak putih glowing lah emm macam2 betul

lah nafsu aku dulu. Aku start pakai skin care tu masa umur nak masuk 17 tahun. At first i was

realllllyyyy love my skin after use that skincare bcause kulit aku jadi glowing betul! ada sedikit

pinkish di pipi. Ramai yg perasan dgn perubahan tu and they always ask "ape ko pakai eh?" "wehh 

asal kulit flawless glowing giteww?"  and i was like  saya tak kuat awakk  hhahhahah. Aku

memang tak nak stop pakai andd lama kelamaan my skin was getting worst. Ingat kan aku kena

allergic sebab memang ade allergic dari segi pemakanan. Tapii makan ubat allergic pun tak hilang.

Biasanya kalau makan ubat allergic akan kurang lah sikit bintik merah kat muka. But this time it's

different hm i started searching on the internet and i ask other people that use same skincare as me.

Diorang cakap memang macam tu. it was call healing process. ape ntah aku tak ingat. So i think

positive. But when i use night cream kulit jadi gatal hm merah. Aku masih ingat lagi masa tu ada

kelas malam so i go with that face, sebenarnye sangattt lah rasa macam ohhhh tidakkk!!! macam mane nak hadap orang ni!!!!

That time, diorang mcm banyak kali tengok muka aku. maybe macam x percaya sebab haritu lain dan

harini lain plak jadinya. Sampaikan my teachers "Aimi, what's going on with your face? Are u using 

any skincare? better stop it" Hmmm thenn i stop using night cream but i still use its cleanser and day

cream. So i decided to make some research about ** skincare.. and it was like hmm kau dah terlambat

mi... i stop using all of it. And aku biarkan selama berminggu2 untuk neutralkan kulit balik. Tak ingat

berapa lama. sebenarnye it's being more worst than before hmmm... sangat sedih sebab kulit aku

yang memang tiada masalh yang teruk boleh jadi teruk dalam sekelip mata. My sister was handle me

at that time. She makes some masker to heal my skin. thenn i stop using any of skincare. I'm really

phobia with it. Day by day my skin going to be okay tapi bukan macam dulu T____T

tapi apa nak buat benda dah jadi and the things happen because of me too! terlalu ikutkan nafsu

and tak buat research before going to use it. Masa benda ni jadi kat aku umur 17 tahun.At 18yrs old,

Alhamdulillah. i have meet dr K for some treatment. Take vit c injection. Alhamdulillah kuasa

Allah. And after that aku tak pernah guna skincare yang tiada lulusan kkm and contain dangerous

chemical ingredients. Alhamdulillah after that lessons, aku lebih berhati2 before take actions. So,

untuk peminat tegar yang obses kan skincare. Aku nasihatkan tolong lah buat research dulu ye hmm.

Banyak je blog yang share problem skin disebabkan skincare kan?? haa so we should take it as a

lessons and sometimes fikir benda logik. Mana ada benda yang kita nak dapat dengan cepat. Macam2

skincare sekarang putih seawal tiga hari lah kulit putih gebu hhahha ouch it's really scaring me hm
itss okay lah yang buruk datang dari kita kan? sebab nafsu perempuan kan banyak hehe, yang baik semua dari Allah 

some of links that guide you :

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Matrik Melaka

Assalamualaikum and  ,

This time i want to share some of my experiences in Malacca Matriculation College taddaa!

*captured by my roommate*
So i'm here to tell that i'm from Kolej matrikulasi Melaka! pelajar pst modul2 batch 14/15

hahaha so detailed right?

Untuk semua adik2 yang futher studies in matric so i wish all the best for your matric life! Those 

who always said that "Matrik susah lah hm better xpayah pergi" hmm i wanna ask u. Are you have 

been there? Even study cepat gilerrrr but you can adapt with a new life which can changes u to a 

better life. Okay aku nak story lah sikit my matric life in one years err not almost one year actually. Aku bukan pandai pun hmmm but always keep trying even pemalasss tahap kritikal  

Masa first semester, awkward giler sebab this is the first time i live far away from my family and 

aku tak pernah tinggal di asrama or hostel or whatever hahaha, Seriously, i feel awkward tapi

dapat adapt lah sebab dapat roommate yang baik2. And the most paling aku rindu ima hmm sedih cari

dia, gaduh pun dengan dia hahha. tempat dia sebelah aku je. And she was really diligent. kerja dia 

ngadap buku je siang malam. hmm aku jealous gile dengan dia. Kalau aku kelas cancel aku sambung tidur HAHAHAH tapi kalau dia hmmm buku lah  

Orientasi kat matrik dulu tak teruk pun, bukannye ade mase nak ragging budak lari dalam lumpur 

hahhaha but the worst things masa orientasi aku pakai baju sama and tudung sama. ye lah kena pakai 

tudung jemah oren tu seminggu HAHAHHA tapi cik mohsin cakap tu tudung paling mahal tau 

okay lahh cik mohsin HAHAHA. Haaa sape duk kat sane tak kenal cik mohsin memang tak tahu lah 

nak cakap apa hhahaha sebab dia lah lecturer sporting and dia jugak yang handle pelajar yang suka 

ponteng nyorok dalam bilik tak nak datang kelas kan hahahha. Aku kat sana tak giler2 sangat sebab semua lain negeri tak sama pendapat and sepanjang kat sana aku homesick HAAHAH and 

rindu kawan2 lama. Dekat sana aku jumpa macam2 orang. And aku jadi lebih berdikari lah sebab xde 

sape nak uruskan aku kat sana hahaha. Now let's move to education!! haaa kat sana kena rajin tu je, 

RAJIN. kalau yg memang dah gifted pandai. tak baca pun dapat 4flat syukur lah nakk... aku ni 

struggle bukan main tapi tak dapat 4flat pun dah kira syukur lah capai target dah kalau dapat 4flat 

entah lah macam mana excited nye tu.Kat sana seriousssssssssssss macam sekolah! beza dia baju 

kurung je. kat sana aku panggil cikgu and teacher, sir. Kat sane belajar selalu rujuk lecture's notes jee. 

Kalau tak bawak ke tak print lagi terpinga2 lah hengko dalam dewan kuliah tu hahahah, Nak salin 

sebijik2 pun tak sempat. 

Fokus dalam kuliah paling penting, hantar tutorial and task yang lecturer nak on time. Tutorial mesti 

buat jangan tiru plakk hahaha. confirm korang dapat 3.00++ insyaAllah dengan izin ALLAH. Amin!

so goodluck ! 

khas dari saya yang ajet rajin hahah 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First of all

Assalamualaikum to begin first of my post   

I'm feeling excited to start back my favourite hobby(blogging)!

Before this, i have been blogging since i'm in form 2 but you know? It's a creepy blogger

hahhaha. Yeahh i have deleted my previous blog because it's too shame to read back. When i

read back i feel like what the fish i'm talking about and then i leaved the hobby like that so

today i will start back! And i miss those of feelings when writing on this keyboard to narrate what

happen today and so on *smile with tears*. So, to my peeps but emm i'm wondering that no one will

read my blog hahahah and the only peeps is me and the writer is me too? ahhaha. Okay wait for my

story of my life.

Sincerely from cute writer, Aimi :-D

 #Sorry for all those bad grammars and vocabs because im still trying to improve it