Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First of all

Assalamualaikum to begin first of my post   

I'm feeling excited to start back my favourite hobby(blogging)!

Before this, i have been blogging since i'm in form 2 but you know? It's a creepy blogger

hahhaha. Yeahh i have deleted my previous blog because it's too shame to read back. When i

read back i feel like what the fish i'm talking about and then i leaved the hobby like that so

today i will start back! And i miss those of feelings when writing on this keyboard to narrate what

happen today and so on *smile with tears*. So, to my peeps but emm i'm wondering that no one will

read my blog hahahah and the only peeps is me and the writer is me too? ahhaha. Okay wait for my

story of my life.

Sincerely from cute writer, Aimi :-D

 #Sorry for all those bad grammars and vocabs because im still trying to improve it