Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Don't care what people thinks about ourselves"

Hyee!!! Long time no seee blog! Missyou hahaha. Macam hidup benda ni plak kan? 😂

Hello i'm just want to narrate what i have been through life in university. So far Alhamdulillah. I love being here but sometimes i have too handle all by myself. Then i will feel stressed huhu. So i'm trying to explorers neww style of life which is always think positive! Positive all the way. Even people talk about me. I'm gonna don't care about it. Bcause it's just like rubbish that tak sempat nak disapu 😂 Opsss sorry 🙊 Hahaha. Haaa here i want to tell that my roommate mimie and fiqah. I love both of them. Seriously. I love how the way they thinkings but sometimes we also ghave misunderstanding but Alhamdulillah. We understand each other behaviours 💁🏼 hahahha. So Alhamdulillah we still together. Yg mimie ni suka sport. No wonder if she act like a little boyish. But now in sem2 she is a little bit differences maybe she want act as a girl. But i'm okay. I wishh all the best for her. And fiqah. Haaa she older than us 1year so we respect more on her. But we all just anggap sama je. Because taknak bagi ada jurang between each other. That's why i love them 😭😭😭😭 and most of our interested are same!!! From how we wear, foods(certain), music, hobby(a little same but still same! Hehe), and banyak lagiii. Fiqah ni suka hiking, suka travel. What i respect about her that their independent. I love her bcause dia xpernah susah and xsuka susahkan orang. Both of them looka alike. Which is based on this words "if we want. We want badly and trying to get it" that's why i found 3of us same. But maybe just me spot this similarities. Huhu. I love them. I always ikut diorang kalau they invited me to go somewhere.

What i appreciate the most. I have learn how to live. Ya Allah. How to survive. I will more brave. No time to think what others think about me. It's their problem not my problem. I'm just have to build more confident how to communicate with others. How to survive how to get what i want! Travel alone. Get more experiences. Be positive. If people make messy with me. I have to avoided from them. Bukan lari dari masalah but trying to stay away from negative people. Always see the beauty in people. Don't try too look on people's weakness. I tell DON'T. But also have to know about ourself too 😘 Don't about others too much. Please. So amalkan sikap pergi mampus. Go die. It's the happier things we should know. So what we want. Don't about people talk, negative thought. Let them be until they are dying with their own behaviours. So enjoy our life !

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